IMMA e-Atlas

  • Important Marine Mammal Area
  • Area of Interest
  • Region not assessed

Welcome to the online IMMA e-Atlas. By clicking on the map, you can travel to any of the hundreds of IMMAs found around the global ocean and learn why they are considered important. Each IMMA polygon provides quick access to information about marine mammal habitats and species with the option to view Fact Sheets and to download shapefiles and Fact Sheet Brochures.

The Global IMMA Network is constantly expanding. On the map you will see a representation of completed and still to be scheduled regions. The IUCN Marine Mammal Protected Areas Task Force is working with marine mammal experts worldwide to identify more IMMAs and make this information available as a hands-on tool for use by conservation scientists, policymakers, decision-makers, the wider scientific community, and the general public. This information is already being used to help conserve marine mammal habitats and to inform how humans can best manage their activities by developing good practices and establishing place-based protection measures such as marine protected areas.

Please scroll around the map and try out the optional map projection in the top right corner. Besides the IMMAs, you can also find information about other areas in the network, such as Areas of Interest (AoI), which, following additional research, may become IMMAs in future.